Iqama expiry service

Iqama validity is one of the major concerns of an expatriate living in Saudi Arabia. The Iqama expiry date is also mandatory when filling out some application forms. Whatever the reason you are here, I will show you simple methods to check your Iqama date expiry date.

You can also watch the Videos at the end. I will explain here three easy online and offline methods that you can find your query as per your convenience. Step Change the Language to English or keep it if you are good at Arabic. Step Now, enter the Date of Birth.

You can change the calendar to Gregorian from Hijri. Actually, this is to make an account at MOL but we will not make the account but will just check our Iqama expiation.

You must have an Absher account to do this check. Step — 1: Go to Absher website- Here Absher. Step — 6: You will be prompted to a verification code that you will receive on your mobile. Enter it and again hit login. Click on Query Iqama Expiry Service at the right bottom or you can search if you cannot find it.

iqama expiry service

You can scroll to right-left also. Step — 9: Enter Iqama number and image code as I have shown in the picture. Click view. Step — Click on view and you can see your Iqama expiry date that is in Hijri. This is in the Hijri calendar. Note: Yes, one can check the Iqama Expiry Date without a registered Absher account by using an Absher account of any of his friends, relative.

You just need to enter his Iqama number at Step — 9 above. Just grab your Iqama, and you will see the expiry date mentioned on it. Yes, you can convert the Hijri date to Georgian Calendar to understand better.

See below picture for your convenience.We know that the Iqama validity is no more mentioned on the Iqama card and therefore, expatriates want to make an inquiry or check the iqama expiry date online. I have explained 3 online ways to check the Iqama expiry date i. Once you press the view button, the system will fetch the iqama validity or expiry date and highlight it with green color as shown in the screenshot below. Keep in mind that you can check the Iqama expiry date of any expatriate through this method.

In case you are someone who wants to use the Absher application on the mobile, you can log in to your account through the Absher application and click on your picture. The next page will show you the Iqama expiry date along with some other details as shown below.

A new page will open containing details of everything connected with your Iqama in Saudi Arabia. You can make an inquiry to convert the Iqama expiry date to the English or Gregorian date using any online converter. In case you don't have an Absher account, you can also check the Iqama expiry date through the Ministry of Labor website online using this link.

How to Check Iqama Expiry Date

On the next screen, you will find details such as your name, Iqama number, nationality, etc. You can find your Iqama expiry date written in the Hijri format as well as the English or Gregorian format. You can also check your Iqama expiry date through Ejar website.

In the next step, the system will fetch some basic details such as your Iqama validity, your full name, the birth date, and nationality. The iqama validity printed on the face of some Iqama cards issued by Jawazat is incorrect as it is the expiry date of the card and not the resident permit. Moreover, new iqama cards just have the issue date of iqama, they do not mention the validity of iqama on its face.

Therefore, there is no need to replace them after every Iqama renewal. According to the Jawazat, the Iqama of the employee should be renewed within three days of its expiry, otherwise, the employer will have to face a fine or penalty of SR While paying for the Iqama renewal feeif the amount of fee appears as SRit means that there is no fine or penalty for the expiry of Iqama on your head.

However, if it appears more than that, you can calculate the fine for the late renewal of Iqama. The procedure to pay the iqama fine is the same as paying for the Iqama renewal fee. In fact, the iqama fine and the fee for the renewal of iqama will be paid together.

Every expatriate living in Saudi Arabia should learn by heart his or her Iqama expiry date according to the Hijri calendar. You should continue to remind your employer that your Iqama is about to expire and he needs to renew it.

Check Iqama Expiry Date And Validity | Latest Methods | 2020

Unfortunately, you cannot renew your Iqama without your sponsor's involvement. You must have a valid Iqama to get a final exit visa. The final exit can be issued even if there is only one day remaining in your Iqama expiry. In other words, you cannot get a final exit if your iqama expires. However, once the final exit visa is issued, your Iqama validity becomes irrelevant as you will have to leave Saudi Arabia within 60 days of the issuance of the final exit visa.

An iqama holder can leave Saudi Arabia on an exit reentry and this visa is valid for a maximum period of 7 days before the iqama expiry date. In this way, you will have to come back from vacation at least 7 days before the Iqama expiry.

You cannot access your Absher account and the Ministry of Labor website when you are outside Saudi Arabia. In this case, you can check the Iqama expiry date through any of the following ways.

As soon as your Iqama expires, all the banks are instructed to freeze your bank account. It means that someone can deposit money to your account but you can neither withdraw the money nor transfer it to someone else. After the renewal of Iqama, you will have to update the new Iqama expiry date with the bank to reactivate or unfreeze it. Many expatriates are afraid of what will happen if the police stop them while their iqama has expired. The way the police treats you is different if you have an expired iqama or Huroob.A valid Iqama is always a must otherwise you are illegal in Saudi Arabia.

We will see all aspects of Saudi Iqama. For this, you need an Abser account. Step — 1: Go to the Absher website. Click here Absher.

Step — 4: Now, you will screen like below. You will see Iqama validity like in the below image. Step — 6: Now, we need to change the validity date from Hijri to Gregorian that will give us iqama expiry in English. You can do it by following this Hijri to Gregorian Converter. This is how you can check the Iqama expiration date in English as well in Arabic date through Absher.

Here is the link MOI Absher. Step — 1: First of all, download and Login. This is the easiest and convenient way as you need not change the Hijri to gregorian to check the validity date.

We can check the Iqama expiry at the Ministry of Interior website. Step — 2: You will see a screen like below if you go from my link. You can select a date in Hijri or Gregorian. Iqama fees are increasing but for workers, this is nominal still in Let see the fee for some common categories below.

If you need more information then please comment below. All these fees are just estimations as per gulf news. The actual fee may vary a little. Iqama is just like a Resident Identity that contains all the information a record of any expatriate worker here in KSA.

It is ti be issued within 90 days before the work visa expiry date. All the workers coming here for work must have an Iqama instead of passport-like in other countries. As an expatriate worker, you must have a valid Iqama original, not a copy with you. Otherwise, you will be in trouble if caught. If a worker runs away from Kafeel means leave the company for any reason like for a better opportunity then as per labor law, the sponsor will report him to the Ministry of Labor.

Once caught the worker will be sent to jail that may lead to deportation if issues not settled with kafeel. Same way, if a kafeel does not report then if the worker caught by police then kafeel will be in trouble. Kafeel is an Arabic word that means Sponsor. A sponsor can be a company representative, a common Saudi, a small company called Mosassa owner.Last Updated on December 25, Iqama, the resident id of Saudi Arabia, expires after a year of its issuance date.

After that, it needs renewal. Now, Absher, which is moi ministry of interior KSA portal, offers the online service to check iqama expiry date, aka iqama validity. You will need iqama number and an Absher account to query it. Step 2. Enter the username or Iqama number, password, and image code. Step 3. You will receive a four-digit verification code on your mobile, enter it.

iqama expiry service

Step 4. You will find the iqama expiry date. The red color of the iqama expiry date means that Saudi iqama is expired and needs renewal as soon as possible. Also, moi Jawazat charges fines and penalties on the late renewal of iqama. Therefore, to avoid penalties, it is better to renew iqama before it expires. You may also like to know about Iqama Fees paid or not paid. In addition to the above method, you can also inquire iqama to check validity date or expiry date by using the Absher app.

Furthermore, it is a unique and new way. To do so. You can also find the Passport expiry date and Driving License expiry date. Although, it is a little bit tricky to convert Hijri dates to Gregorian dates. However, Absher App has provided the service to check iqama expiry in English date, calendar in an easy way. Besides, this is the only method that shows the iqama status in the Gregorian Calendar.

One more thing, if you want to check the status of iqama expiry, validity without Absher account. Yet you can find out by asking a friend who has an account in moi absher. Provide your iqama id and verify if it is correct. The portal will show the results on the new absher window.

Because the site www. Here is the link to check the said service.

iqama expiry service

You can also know about the validity and expiry date of Iqama without having an Absher account.Iqama expiry is the major concern of any expatriate working here in Saudi Arabia. Make sure to have a valid iqama while staying here in KSA. If your Iqama is expired then you are illegal the same day. Though you can avail three days grace period. But the authentic one is through the MOI Absher account. The offline method can give you a rough idea about the expiry but not the exact one.

Step First of all, go to the MOL website. Step Change the language to English. You can see in the below video guide if you can not find where. Step Fill the date of Birth.

You will see a window like below. Step Click on the Individual as highlighted in the snip. Now you will be prompted window like below. Step Enter the user name, password and fill the image code. This is in the Hijri calendar. Step Now convert this Hijri calendar date to Gregorian at Islamicfinder. Here, I have translated Iqama the Muqeem card into English. Issue Date is the date where you can calculate one year more.

Make sure to add the Hijri calendar year. Iqama Expiry Date is also useful when filling out a lot form in Saudi Arabia like a bank account, Saudi Council of Engineers registrations, etc. Iqama is just a resident permit here in Saudi Arabia.

It is now also known as Muqeem Card or Resident Identity. This three months of visa period is also considered as a probation period. If both the parties are happy to go along then it is good otherwise a contract can be terminated in this period.

Its size is just like a credit card and is the sole identity proof here in Saudi Arabia.Iqama is an identity card for expats in Saudi Arabia. If you are an expat in Saudi Arabia, you should know how to check iqama expiry.

In any case, you have to check status of your iqama by yourself so that you may get it renewed at right time. Some People ask for Iqama expiry check red green. You should know that Iqama expiry is a different thing whereas red green color status is a different thing, we have explained the both in this post.

Recently the government of Saudi Arabia has changed the method of checking iqama expiry. Now, you can use Query iqama expiry service only in Absher Portal. In the past, you were able to make iqama expiry date inquiry without having any absher account but now you need to have a registered and activated absher account to check your iqama expiry.

If you do not have your own absher account, you can create one absher account free of cost within a few minutes, simply Click to Create Free Absher Account in 5 Minutes. Please not: Not only Query iqama expiry service but also all other iqama related services have been moved to absher portal For example: Query iqama funds, Traffic violations, exit re-entry visa service and all other iqama related services, Click here to learn about all new services and changes.

You do not need to create and activate any absher account in this method. We have recently tested this method and found it working fine. Once you have registered and activated your absher account, you are good to go ahead for checking expiry date of your iqama. You can access absher portal through the following two methods. You can download a vpn from play store. You can use some proxy if you are a PC or laptop user. We have explained below how to check iqama status and iqama expiry with absher through browser.

Step Once homepage is opened, you will see a page in Arabic and English mix. If you want, you can change page language into English with a single click. Please screenshot below for better understanding. You need to enter your User Name which you created while registering your absher account. You need to enter your user name here. There is a choice for you, you can enter your iqama number instead of User name.

You can see system is asking for username or id number, so you can use either username or iqama number. After entering user name, you need to enter the password associated to your absher account and then enter image code shown.

Please see screenshot below:. You have to enter that four digit code in order to login successfully. Once you have entered the four digits code, system will take you to your account where you will see your name and photo.

Alternatively you can use this way to find query iqama expiry service. Once you have logged into your account on phone device, you can use this second way. Simply go down at the end of the page on your phone device. You will see right and left arrows. Once you see it, click to proceed to next step. Please see these screenshots:.Iqama is the most important documents here in Saudi Arabia.

In this blog, we will cover all the aspects of an Iqama. When a worker comes here in Saudi Arabia for work then the Kafeel sponsor arranges an Iqama for him within 90 days. We will see how to check Iqama status in all aspects like validity, expiry, renewal, fee, huroob, etc. There are a number of methods where we can check iqama expiry and the most we use Absher account.

Quick Navigation. Make and Activate Absher. Step You can change the language in English here. The MOI Absher credentials. Step Now go to the tab highlighted as in below snip.

Step Now, we will have a window like below. This date is in the Hijri calendar. Step You can convert to the Gregorian. Here, we need to visit this link Islamiccity. You can get this application here MOI Absher. This is how you can check Iqama validity at your mobile and no need to convert it into English date as it is already as per your preferred setting.

You can change it into the Arabic date as well in the same MOI application setting. You can also get an idea by looking at your Iqama issuance date. Add one year in it. But this will not give you the exact date but you can get the idea easily. Iqama Fee for small setups Maximum 5 workers including the Owner:. Also, small establishments with 5 or fewer workers are exempt Maktab e Amal fee if the owner is a registered worker to that firm.

If you are unable to renew Iqama on time or within 3 days after expiry that is called a grace period then you will be fined heavily like. Although this is a duty of your kafeel to get it renewed for you some time the company may face financial crises and may get fail to comply. In this case, better you transfer your Iqama. He is solely responsible for your Iqama to issued, renewed after paying a hefty fee.

Every Iqama is transferable but for this, your current sponsor needs to agree to transfer you.

Iqama Expiry Check Red Green

Some people have already transferred from other companies and in this, your current employer may release you easily but still, his consent to transfer you is necessary. Another scenario is that your company is in the Red category in this case you can take transfer without any permission from your kafeel. Sometimes, it is on your contract like after two years you are free to take transfer but still, kafeel should be agreed or he will send you on final exit.

Absher is a helping platform provided by the Ministry of Interior where a number of government queries are solved without any interaction of Saudi officials. This is really simple to get an Absher account.

All you have to do just go to the Absher website and make an account and then activate it through self-service machines, or through net banking or even you can go to jawazat passport department.

How to check Saudi Arabia Iqama Expiry Date by Sayed Nuruzzaman। Query Iqama Expiry Service Bangla.

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